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A Wonderful Evening!

Posted over 7 years ago by Glenda Velji

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The 25th Anniversary Party was a success!  Thank you and kudos to our Anniversary Party Planning Committee, Sarah Stagg , Danya Logue and Sellma Vellisi-White.  You ladies did an outstanding job, and I know we are all grateful for your hard work.

Last night, at the 25th Anniversary Party, we voted on a logo to represent our organization.  Congratulations to all the entrants, we have quite a creative group. We had 19 entries from Sue Benson, Jill Carr, Laurie Dickson, Louise Grose, Jim O'Neill, and Glenda Velji.   While they were all worthy of consideration, through a straight ballot vote, those who attended chose the winner.  The winning entry, with a majority vote of 13, was submitted by Glenda Velji. For her efforts, she won the prize of Laser Facial treatment from one of the evening's sponsors, Vitalogy. 

We will be using this logo in the future for our promotional materials.  

Official Tally of votes:

Entry           Vote            Entry          Vote               Entry        Vote         Entry         Vote

1                     1               8                3                  13               1           16,19           2

2                     9              9,10,11       1                  14               0           17                 1

3, 4, 5, 6, 7     0             12                 2                15                3            18             13


Thank you to everyone who helped make our 25th Anniversary a success!  I am looking forward to the next 25 years !!