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Ukraine Calls For Help In Donations For Medical Supplies And Volunteers!

Posted 3 months ago by Jovan Hernandez

Ukraine calls for help in donations for medical supplies and volunteers
April Watkins, an AAPN member and frequent traveler on medical missions, shares this: “I was able to speak to my friend in the Ukraine…she is working in Western Ukraine to organize soldiers and medical supplies. She provided me a list of much needed equipment.” April has volunteered with InterVol and they will purchase the supplies, have them sent to Poland and distributed in the Ukraine by contacts there. A donated plane will travel to Poland from New York soon. You can donate at
April also sent a message that the Ukraine Ministry of Health reports that more than 500 doctors, nurses and paramedics from the European Unition, Turkey, Isreal, USA, Canada, Australia, and others have expressed a desire to come to Ukraine to help in Ukraine hospitals. Registration is open to all. Health professionals. Register by filling the form: After registration, you will be contacted by a national coordinator who will process paperwork, verify credentials and determine assignment.