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Posted over 9 years ago by Dorothy Darby

Preceptor ship

A guided clinical learning experience is essential to the Advanced Practice Nurse education .It is the link between classroom and clinical practice that prepares the APN for an independent/collaborative clinical practice. As Advanced Practices Nurses practicing in the Central Texas Community and members of the Austin APNs, our goal is to mentor students in a masters prepared APN (NP/CNS) programs. As preceptors we can prepare clinicians to manage care with optimal healthcare outcomes. During this process we maintain the principles of clinical teaching ; participation, repetition ,and reinforcement to strengthen and enhance learning, provide variety in learning activities, and ability to utilize the information and skills in actual clinical setting .We enhance and develop our knowledge as medicine/nursing evolves, sharing this with our students.

As members of Austin APNs, please take a moment to update your profile adding your name to our Preceptor List. This will provide students with a network of community APN available to precept according to specialty.

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